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  Training Media CD-R
  Foster Care Orientation CD-ROM for Youth
What You Should Know!

This one of a kind 15 minute CD-ROM utilizes young people to send positive messages of hope to children entering the system. The CD-ROM format uses dynamic graphics, real life spokespersons and true-to-life scenarios. This youth-oriented video addresses their rights, the expectations of the system, some of the feelings they may be experiencing and how to make the best of the situation. More...

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Wraparound in Indian Country:
A CD-ROM Guide to Wraparound Meetings

This CD-ROM is designed to give service providers a live example of the wraparound process, including all the steps that lead to an actual child and family support team meeting. This was designed to give an idea of how the wraparound process has been implemented in North Dakota. It gives textual information that greatly supplement the videos containing a re-enactment of the entire process, from start to finish. More...

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  Training Curricula
  Extending our Families through Unity:
Native American Foster Parent Training

Our Native American children deserve to have the best care possible and this training prepares foster parents to do just that. It is a one-of-a-kind and user-friendly curriculum based on traditions and culture of American Indian people. The curriculum provides helpful hints and tools foster parents use to problem solve in their everyday lives as care givers. More...

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  We Are All Related: Relationships in Perspective:
A Guide for Native American Youth 
Native American people view the world and everything in it as a relative. The quality of a person’s life is based on the quality of their relationship to the Creator, self, other human beings and the natural world. This curriculum is based on this concept and other Native tradition s. This unique training is geared toward youth (most appropriate for pre-adolescent to young adult) and can be used as a stand-alone training, a pre-cursor to sex education or a supplementary unit for issues such as drug/alcohol abuse or other health issues. More...

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